Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the Beginning.. there was Crab Jay.

Since it was in college that the very beginnings of Fantasy Genesis were formed, I've given a couple of copies to local schools here in Portland, and back in Detroit.  I remember going to see John Zorn's Cobra, and thinking why can't illustrators do the same thing?  Then I studied the Surrealists, and realized we'd been doing the same thing centuries prior!  I remember having the time of my life in group sketch jams, and timed Exquisite Corpse sessions at College for Creative Studies, with or without the dynamic of a game back in those days, but it proved to me games are something that are timeless, and will be around, so long as there are artists and creatives who play off one another's technique and skill.

This title leaf sketch was done for the Library and students of the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and was handed to amazingly talented artist and the head of Illustration there, Martin French when we met for lunch a couple of weeks ago.  I snagged a scan of it before it found it's way to their shelves, and hope to spend more time at the PNCA now that I call Portland home.  This is a Creature roll of which I unfortunately didn't write down, so my guess is; City Bird-BlueJay, Crab/Lobster, Lens/Bulb, and Lichen or Ginger.  Went in with another digital wash and am finding the idea of painting digitally fascinating.  You're able to achieve such instant gratification with colour and tone, but I still don't think I'll be able to really get a nice finish with it..  Stay Tuned !!