Thursday, December 27, 2012

Deviant Art Creations - Round Three

My Pop used to say, "If it's important, you make time" and although nowadays that statement sounds like, "Oh crap, you mean now I've gotta build a time machine, on top of my deadlines?" when I was young, and had all the time in the World, it was simply a statement meaning, "Make this important enough to actually plan for it".  So in that spirit of giving propers, and making time for the folks who have been finding Fantasy Genesis an outright blast to flip their wigs with; I give you Round Three of the Fantasy Genesis contributions from the Deviant Art page!

Space Crab by Belthazubel - Meant to get this one in on the
last round, but what a nice digital piece!

A couple weeks ago, after finishing a series of Magic the Gathering paintings, I flipped through what folks might be up to, and was blown away with how many great pieces, and brilliant creations had been  brought to Light!  This first piece, Space Crab especially stood out with all that contrast and cool color. I tell my students, Insects and Deep Sealife is the model for so many great ships and Mechs.  There's a history of our brains associating Insects and Sea Creatures with that of Alien life to begin with, so when you use bits and bobs from them in your Spacecraft and Space Alien design, even if it's just the simple replacement of limbs, it always works well! =)

Dew Rat by Nythrant - Very nice subtle color in the
background!  Really one of my favorites with a
Mineral/Element based Creature from FG!
Companion by Nythrant - JadePlant, Bear
seen here, in another great creation!
A great spotted Frog Shaman Humanoid
by jm665 - Way to go, designing the limbs!
SanchaySquirrel rolled a Flytrap Scarab Duck, and did a
brilliant job with the extra head view!  Difficult thing,
to make a duck look sinister, great job!
Eelan by MythDragon - This piece makes me want to try
my hand at an Eel based Humanoid.  Very nice, indeed!
Creature Thing by MythDragon
Looking like another duck creature,
but this time with deep sea fish lure
and tail, excellent work!

Hope to see more soon from these Lightpushers, and hope to
be back teaching in the next school year at the PNCA.

So until then, have a Prune Faced
and a brilliantly creative
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Stay tuned !!