Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Crop of Creations

The Unshearables - Fun Traditional
Textures demo I did over two semesters.
Watercolour and Sand Inclusions
I'll always love the way that a certain similar combinations of words will trigger wildly different interactions and responses depending on the individual artist or creative.

Couple title page sketches for students, May it serve you well!
It happens all the time in my Character Design class, and shows that our "style" doesn't fully derive from our technique, but that it also comes from our tastes and the way we think.

Bombus Bee by Hylian Rinku DeviantArt
 In this net full of Creations from the last couple months, I can see this notion in full force.  Enjoy all the wildly different diversions from the DeviantArt Fantasy Genesis page, and some sent from the myriad social nets that keep me away from the easle.
      Christopher West's Cthumeleon & Cthumonkey DeviantArt
Turtle Humanoid by Megan Seltzer
Douglas Egolf's  MantiCrane
Hope you dig them as much as I dig receiving all the Creations made with Fantasy Genesis.  Keep em coming, and Stay Tuned !