Thursday, August 16, 2012

Subtle Epiphanies

It will never cease to amaze me, the ways in which we monkeys are inspired?  What makes us, "get it" or go that next level.  What is the combination of Content & Technique, if there is one?  Word association (although Fantasy Genesis has driven me for decades), quite often takes a seat to historical influence, or rather if I see what makes a great design, or texture, or series of marks behind a Cornwell, or Robinson, or Wyeth, I'll attempt to make a mash-up of those parameters in the next painting.  There's Comedy, Theatre, and facial expression, Mathematics and Natural geometries, all out one-up Hunger Games with other illustrators, and even hitting absolute bottom again and again can inspire me to go the distance and create something different and new.  Then sometimes it's an email from a fan, or a simple note telling you that you've changed someone's perspective with your work.. =)  They've reminded you of the things that have always been there, and perhaps you've momentarily forgotten?  This has been the case with the last couple of emails, and messages from the FaceBook page, and a nice note from Haley Johnson, who sent this wicked Fantasy Genesis creation; an Australian Frilled Lizard!  This chap reminds me a bit of my Auntie Rooster, but I can't say I've ever seen reptilian features on a rooster, which is saying something. =)  Thanks Haley, let all those creations spill out of that brilliant mind of yours, and thanks to ayebody for all the subtle epiphanies, keep em coming !!

I think comedy would had to have played a roll, when I rolled up Mudskipper : Plasma : Pinecone.. Could've made a cute creature, but I took the harder path.. They're kind of like Ducks, or Pandas or Frogs, hard to make menacing, but found a vid for Mudskippers and spent about 5 hours on a digital painting.. I dunno.. I was headed for a Leviathan, but the scene turned almost Lovecraftian in the end, with villagers blowing him oop and all.. =)  In any case, I hadn't done one of my own exercises for so long, I'd almost forgotten how fun it is !!  =)

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