Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Congratulations Raffle Winner :: Dan Kelly

The list was amassed, dice were rolled, the winner was contacted, and one of my charities was picked for me to give to! This quarter my prize for signing up to my mailing list and blog, goes to someone across the pond; Mr. Dan Kelly! Thanks Dan for following my illustration career, and picking the environmental protection group, Defenders of Wildlife as being worthy of a small contribution in 2010! You'll receive a print of my Werewolf, in honor of the hundreds of Gray Wolves recently put in jeopardy by short sited Republican influence and ranching lobbyists.. Taking the less than 2500 Yosemite Grays off the endangered species list after 30 years of protection is just short of genocide, when you conceder what little needs to be done to coexist throughout the mountainous regions of the West. Dan will receive a signed and sketched collectible Magic the Gathering whiteback card as well, and I can't thank each of you who've signed up for my mailing list enough as we enter this new year !! Tell your friends and family that they too can be eligible for free raffle prints and collectables, and I'll keep on picking winners!! Stay Tuned.. =)