Sunday, January 22, 2012

Next Volley of Fantasy Genesis Creations

For the time I've been teaching, I'll have my students play around with Fantasy Genesis for fun or extra-credit, and last term I was graced with a couple more funky creations from Alex Carmon, and Aimee Flom at FlomDrawn.

Both excellent young illustrators.. Aimee has a brilliant sense of design and detail, and Alex has a wonderful knack for textures and the anthropomorphic. 

There was also this awesome Parrot/Mantis from Lucas Puryear, teaching in Texas.  I really want to try this combo out!!  I mean, Parrot/Mantis is about as intriguing and idea as was Spider/Ducks..  That's a team I'd bet on.. =)

We all knew it.. from the stomping grounds of Illuxcon, great things were bound to be created!  A couple weeks back the young team of Zejan & Eric, from Altoona, PA of all places, asked if they could use some of my illustrations for their new Illustration Blog Sketch Round-Up.

Well, they not only used the illos I sent, but did a rather spectacular review and contribution to Fantasy Genesis as well!!  Zejan sketched these two rather cretinous looking Insectile and Reptile creatures, which are just 15 million kinds of awesome!!  So glad you enjoy creating with the game, guys!!

I'm sure there's some great things to come from these two, and I can't wait to see more as their blog progresses..  Stay tuned !!  =)