Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cool spot in ImagineFX !!

This is so cooler than cool, I'm gettin' freezer burn.!! Along with Jim V's Images Magazine for fantastic historic illustration prints, ImagineFX has been a constant source of inspiration for watching what's cutting edge in the world of digital illustration.. Recently, the folks at Future Publishing's ImagineFX have given me a spread featuring illustrations from Fantasy Genesis and my work for Magic the Gathering in the February Issue, No.53!! Gracious thanks to Vinod Rams, for suggesting me, and contributing a brilliant demo, Mark Penfold, Beren Neale, and Roy Delaney for working up my spot.. It's truly an honour.!! So gallang and check it on out, get yourself a copy, or a subscription, and stay tuned.. .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

:: Advanced Copies ::

I've recently received my advanced copies of Fantasy Genesis, A Creativity Game for Fantasy Artists to review, and I'm so pleased to say I LOVE it.!! The designs and layouts by Wendy Dunning are beautifully inventive, the color printed superbly, and without the hard work and concise vision of my editors Pam Wissman, Mary Burzlaff Bostic, and the wonderful Mona Michael, I simply couldn't have the book I now hold in my mitts.. It's hard to grasp how many versions of my Conceptual Drawing Game I've played with over the years, and how many life changes have brought me here, but now it's finally in a form that I can share with the Sphere!!

So let the shameless promotional slogging begin !!

Fantasy Genesis is available for PreOrdering Now, and will be on shelves in a couple weeks, but until then please >> Follow this Blog >> join me for FaceBook and Twitter updates, and win free signed prints, and Magic the Gathering collectibles by joining my Mailing List!

There are few things in life as fulfilling as seeing a project into a final, tangible object.. When I'm working in the BookArts, it's the act of couching a sheet of paper pulp, lifting the first print from the block, or cracking a book from the press.. When painting it's pushing those final strokes of light on to your character and scene, they are these wonderful moments that I've grown to adore.. But what happens when a book idea that's been floating around your wig for years finally comes to fruition, and becomes an object ?? Well, for a short start, it gets your brain cogs spinnin' and churnin' faster, it swings yah soul straight on up into the big smilin' Sunshine, and then back on down easin' yah toes through the cool groovy sands of serenity.. and that's quite a trick for Portland in January.. =) Stay tuned..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year :: New Website

Welcome, Lords and Ladies, one and All. . Step right this way my Friends, to the newly rebuilt !! Ticket, Popcorn, take your seat there in front row, que the Projectioness and enjoy the next amazing show!! This one features such a brilliant variety of Wondrous Worlds, Heroes, Heroines, Fantastical Oddities, Creatures, and Concepts, that it might just keep your Imagination thrilled, your brass goggles polished, and your wig properly flipped, well into the New Year !!

:: Free Quarterly Prizes :: I've started a Quarterly Raffle along with giving donations to the four charities listed on the Home page of my new site. That means if you belong to my mailing list, you are eligible to win either an 8x10 Limited Edition Print, or a Magic the Gathering Collectible Whiteback Card with a sketch and alter. I'll give you an email hollah, get your address, then send your prize to your door step, along with my check to the charity..

:: Fantasy Genesis :: I'm extraordinarily pleased to announce my word association RPG drawing game, Fantasy Genesis will be on the shelves in the Spring from IMPACT Books !! I'll be teaching a workshop at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, May 2010 here in Portland, but any art teachers interested in a lesson plan should give me an email to see if your students would have fun with it. Pre-Orders are available online, Today !!!

:: Magic: the Gathering - Card Signing :: I'll be sure to send updates on signings before the Grand Prix - Portland in Sept., but in the mean time, I've changed addresses again. Send any cards to be signed or altered to :: Chuck Lukacs - 715 SE 60th Ave. No.7 - Portland, OR 97215 :: Big shout outs to all the incredible Art Directors, and folks at Wizards of the Coast, Tim Shields & Mike Goodman from Cascade Games, Brian Artiaco, and Seth Morrigan from

Also solid propers to the amazing Editors, and cast of creatives at IMPACT Books, Paizo Publishing, and all the wonderful Friends, Family, Fellow Lightpushers and Freaks, local or otherwise that have helped me acclimate to Portland, and that make it a life goal to support the Arts where and when they can. You are what makes everything happen, and I wish you all the very best in 2010 !!!

** takes no responsibility for post flippage wig tapping services **