Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another First Class Class!

Teaching at the PNCA has simply been one of the greatest things I've done so far in this odd career of mine, and a year of working with such skilled students has taughtme a lot about where I might be headed. I used Fantasy Genesis yet again for extra credit, and although not too many had the time for any extra amongst the harried final deadlines, the ones who did participate came up with some fantastic wig bubbles indeed!! Illustration student, Lily Drubetskaya's version of Ganesha, broken tusk, sacred syllable OM, and all ranked quite high. As did 3rd year Illustration student, Justin Hall's Insect/Mammalian creature roll. Check out both of their blog sites, both Justinand Lily are wildly skilled, and were a joy to see grow throughout the semester.

There's also been quite a lot of activity on the DeviantArt gallery page in the last couple of months, as well. Included in these
creations from Fantasy Genesis are; a Brilliant Gullaffe and Cuttle Turtle, by N.Moore, Earthworm Naga, by Kellygraybeal, BioMech Soldier and Crystal Gator by LionSilverWolf, OwlFlies by Wyrmaster, SeaElephant and Donkey by Steve Huczek, Hexapod by PostalNik,
HammerheadCrabWhale by BananazGorilla, and Dying Pineapple by way of All Swans Are White. Hope you find them all as creative and oddly spectacular as I do.. There are so many different pathways to our inner Creative, but they can be hard to find at times. I couldn't be a more Rippled Coral Sparrow to have found a couple more pathways to all these glorious wig bubbles.!! Just Beautiful.!!

Breaking NEWS :: There's been some good chat back and forth from a web designer who I'm currently working with to make a Fantasy Genesis "Random Roller" application for the near future! So, stay tuned for instantaneous fun word association at the click of button !!