Monday, May 15, 2017

Yaaahs, Spring Thesis 2017

Another semesters' worth of brilliant thesis students, and although I wasn't teaching Character Design this go around the Sun, I did have the privilege to mentor two of those thesis students, and do an Independent Study with a third.  The students just keep on getting more skilled, and I keep on trying to convince myself I played some small role in all that, but what they all really need is a couple opportunities to float down their stream.  So, with those hopes in mind, here are this years presentations I made it to.  I'll start with my two mentorships; Melissa and Bryson who both gave fantastic presentations!

 Melissa Dienes produced the largest quantity of Character Design I've seen for thesis. full stop.  22 characters, all had wonderfully exacting personality traits and archetypes, 6 of which had orthographics, and they were just one portion of the work.  Melissa created a wonderful animated series pitch bible for her story named, The Wizards of Ramble.ON.  Her show has very thoughtful narratives, a secret language, and I'd love to see this brain child develop exponentially!

Gothic Horror is Bryson Kaps' high court, and his creatures are of the most inventively creepy I've seen come out of the PNCA.  Bryson developed a wonderful world, filled with a period cast, and beautifully macabre creatures to be discovered within.  I'd love to one day see Bryson's novella and subsequent world, The Pits of Agartha in book form, from any of you smaller publishers out there, or even on screens!  Inventive horror, and a quick Pen and Ink technique which can be used in a number of different venues.

Grace Murphy - Grace's presentation was filled with all the wide eyed enthusiasm we've grown to expect, and her pitch for an animated tv series called Bad Karma, was exactly that.  An enthusiastic journey to behold!  Simply one of the tightest, most fun, thought out pitches I've seen and heard, ready for any network exec to ponder bringing to Light!

Hope Darby - I met Hope in my Character Design class, and was immediately struck with how her technique was so very clean and versatile.  For thesis, Hope created a comic homage called, Mysterious Women from Above, but I could see Hope working in everything from comics to editorial, to product and advertising!

Samantha Fowler - I didn't get to see Samantha's show but I'd love to see her ridiculously inventive Children's book, Roux's Book of Stars, come into existence!  Sculpted felt characters, and a wonderful pathway to learning about the stars!

Last but certainly not least is my Independent Studies student Clive Hawken - Clive's thesis project was a comic called Walker.  An ambitious endeavor, filled with a wonderfully 90's period cast, with a split fantasy narrative revolving around the hunt for Cryptids.  Outside of comics, Clive is also very skilled in Concept and Character development, and if you're in the market for inventive Characters, Creatures and Props, I'd definitely keep an eye on what Clive brings us in the months to come!

Do yourself a favor, check em all out, and I'll see you next year for another volley of brilliant wigs poppin' out of the PNCA!  Stay tuned!