Monday, July 26, 2010

Jim Pavelec's Witch Dog

When I got an email that contained a blog contribution from Jim Pavelec, I couldn't open the file quick enough..  Since meeting at conventions, co-authoring Wreaking Havoc, and working with many of the same games and clients over the years, I can say with all honesty, that Jim has shaped some of the best portions of my career..  He is not only one of the nicest and giving cats I've ever met, but he has tenaciously held on to time honored traditional materials and techniques to create his amazingly detailed style of Fantasy, something the likes of a death metal demon with a brush.. This sketch is a testament to what kind of Creatures and Humanoid conceptions can spring outta yah brain when using Fantasy Genesis, but it's also a testament to the mad skills of a very good friend and painter.

Jim and Chris Seaman's new book from Impact is called Ink Bloom, and I cannot sing it's praises enough..  Please do yourself a favor, and after checking out this brilliant Concept, check out his Art Tutorial that teaches, while it tells a wickedly cool story as well..  It's a celebration, Witches !!!
Stay Tuned..  =)