Wednesday, January 20, 2010

:: Advanced Copies ::

I've recently received my advanced copies of Fantasy Genesis, A Creativity Game for Fantasy Artists to review, and I'm so pleased to say I LOVE it.!! The designs and layouts by Wendy Dunning are beautifully inventive, the color printed superbly, and without the hard work and concise vision of my editors Pam Wissman, Mary Burzlaff Bostic, and the wonderful Mona Michael, I simply couldn't have the book I now hold in my mitts.. It's hard to grasp how many versions of my Conceptual Drawing Game I've played with over the years, and how many life changes have brought me here, but now it's finally in a form that I can share with the Sphere!!

So let the shameless promotional slogging begin !!

Fantasy Genesis is available for PreOrdering Now, and will be on shelves in a couple weeks, but until then please >> Follow this Blog >> join me for FaceBook and Twitter updates, and win free signed prints, and Magic the Gathering collectibles by joining my Mailing List!

There are few things in life as fulfilling as seeing a project into a final, tangible object.. When I'm working in the BookArts, it's the act of couching a sheet of paper pulp, lifting the first print from the block, or cracking a book from the press.. When painting it's pushing those final strokes of light on to your character and scene, they are these wonderful moments that I've grown to adore.. But what happens when a book idea that's been floating around your wig for years finally comes to fruition, and becomes an object ?? Well, for a short start, it gets your brain cogs spinnin' and churnin' faster, it swings yah soul straight on up into the big smilin' Sunshine, and then back on down easin' yah toes through the cool groovy sands of serenity.. and that's quite a trick for Portland in January.. =) Stay tuned..