Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oryctolagus Polypoda & Fire Drummer

This contribution comes from two W o n d e r f u l  British artists off Deviant Art; Calmllama (Joni), and Grinning-Goblin (Gavin).  I've not yet spent a whole lot of time on DA, but J&G along with Steve Huczek created a Fantasy Genesis Group page on DA, (of which there are more posts to come with other Deviants work) but they also painted these brilliant pieces with rolls from FG as well!  What beautiful creations these two have made, and I couldn't be more geeked in my brain game having played a small "roll" in the inspiration. (see what I've doon there, then.? Forgive.. =)

First two are Joni's watercolours based on a Humanoid roll; what I'm calling - Deer-Frog on a Unicycle ©2010. and a wonderfully odd Creature roll - "Oryctolagus Polypoda." "The Chimera Illusionists of Counter-Earth crash landed in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Laysan Island. Misunderstanding Earth's fauna they created the Oryctolagus polypoda in a misjudged attempt to blend in.." Joni ©2010  I couldn't be more pleased, and they both put a giant land-island sized grin on me jib.. =)  Thank you.

I guess what I can't get over is the combo of story and art, as we see here again in an amezin' illustration, and a whole tale based on a Humanoid roll! This is really something I was hoping for when I created the game years ago, as I certainly wrote stories based on my outcomes in the game, but this is the first I've seen in an international writing inspiration.

"It had taken young Kimokone of the Ash Tribe the whole night to climb the sacred mountain. It was a dangerous undertaking, for there were many predators that could gobble him up and numerous ridges to tumble from. But, most dangerous of all where the proud spirits of the four winds, they would, if given the chance pluck him from the mountain side and dash him to pieces on the crags below. Yet Kimokone was a dutiful apprentice and knew the secret chants and cantrips to placate the spirits of the four winds and had whispered them as he climbed.
Once at the summit, in the pre-dawn light he had gathered wood from the floating Hanom trees and built himself a fire, just as his master Paph the Sun-Greeter had instructed him to. Then he'd opened his Subechi bag and cast three bones next to the fire. Each one had been most favourable, so Kimokone began drumming the sinuous, spiralling rhythm of the fire spirits and became one with the music.

As Kimokone drummed, his soul drifted to the Otherlands, the place of the spirits. He had visited there many times with Paph the Sun-Greeter, but always as his master’s shadow, never on his own. But, this time was different, he was infused with a power he had, until recently, only felt burning within his master. Now it burned within him. Kimokone felt a kinship with the world of the spirits; he was, somehow, a connection between one world and the other. He had nothing to fear from the Thunder Dogs or the ever hungry Gomo Brothers now; he had earned his right to walk the shifting paths of the Otherlands. Kimokone altered the rhythm, very subtly making it his own. As he did so the power of the Otherlands welled up through his soul. This was the test, if he could not channel the power he would not be the tribes next Subechi-man, the power would destroy him utterly. As the energy intensified Kimokone thought he could contain no more, his soul felt as if it would be lost and swept away he saw it, the mighty Coal-Horn, the proud totem of the Ash Tribe. Kimokone shifted back into the lands of his people and the Hanom wood fire flared as the power of the Otherland swept through his soul and into the flames. The spirit of the Coal-Horn burst from the blaze and soared high into to morning sky. Suffused with the unadulterated joy of creation, KimoKone rocked back and roared with laughter."  ~The Grinning Goblin ©2010

I got a little choked up when I saw this, I must admit, but I think you'll agree, it's a very creative tale, and I'm sure Joni and Gav wouldn't mind any praise on Deviant Art that any of us can give.  Thanks for all the creativity you two..  More to come from the Deviants, stay tuned !!