Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sketches from Steve

Philosopher creatives are not a rarity on this Sphere, and thank the Ancients for it.  Most folks will know someone in their family that thinks perhaps more than is good for the Holiday conversation, or the employee that shakes up the chat around the water cooler by happily reading off stats from our current blood thirsty occupation.  I dare say, I'm one of them. blessing or curse?  I can spot 'em when I see 'em as well..  So, I've no hesitation in saying my long time friend from Detroit, Steve Huczek is just one of my sort of creatives.
Steve is not only a writer so reminiscent of a young Kurt Vonnegut, that you think you're reading lost drafts from Galapagos, but he is also a comic artist.  I know Sam Kieth and Maxx comics enter in as a huge influence on his line and technique, which you'll see, but as for content, Steve is about as diverse as one can get, and that's why when I sent his copy of Fantasy Genesis off in the mail, I knew exactly what kind of odd cornucopia of dark oddity, and tongue and cheek I was in for.  These sketches based on rolls from Fantasy Genesis; Pig Moth, Root Rooter, an Burnt Electric Sword, just put a huge smile on my face, and leave me wanting more. =) Gracious thanks, Steve..  Stay tuned !!