Friday, April 23, 2010

Roll No. 4 - First Go - Lioness Warrior

Recently sent off a copy of Fantasy Genesis to Erik Mona and my friends at Paizo Publishing and sketched up this Lioness Warrior Humanoid for the Title leaf.  I liked her so much, I got a quick scan and worked the sketch up digitally a bit.  Sometimes when using Fantasy Genesis to create and associate from, the danger is to crowd your Creation by using too many words, too many ideas for one Creation can happen with or without using a brain game.?  It's the main reason for leaving only 3 spaces in Pick & Group, so that there will be just the right amount of oddity and rarity to make your Creation something different and your own, without adding too much either.  Although I like the pose I used for this Lioness quite a bit, I think there was more that could've been done with her costume.  So, I'm going to do another Humanoid with the same Roll for fun..

There's some great news to come about a recent review of my book in a properly BRILLIANT digital art tutorial magazine off of Britain, but I'd also like to announce another guest artist taking up their polished skills with a Creature Roll from Fantasy Genesis!  Fellow illustrator and conceptual genius, Vinod Rams will be doing a sketch for the Blog in the coming months as well!! Really can't wait for that.. =)  Stay Tuned !!