Monday, April 12, 2010

Roll No. 3 - Rat Droid

Copies of Fantasy Genesis are shipping by the week, and I've sent out a number of personalized sketched copies so far.  This Rat Droid went up inside a copy sent to one of my long time friends; genius embodiment of a young Kurt Vonnegut, and comic artist, Stephen Huczek.  I've been doing quick 30min. sessions for these sketches, but this one intrigued me enough to want to go digital with it.  He's a combo of; Mouse/Rabbit - TreeFruit - and Lamp/Bulb.  After finishing him up, I also kinda got on the eye lens, goggle trip for a bit, and did a couple more with switching out the Anima role, but this was the first.  It's important to explore versions of a concept, if a particular idea or portion is successful.  I'll sometimes take a chunk of content or technique and mash it up with a few past ones while it's fresh in my mind.

I've never been the biggest fan of painting digitally, but I explored a bit more with this Rat Droid, having some time between jobs, and I think I can get a relatively close version of a wash out of the thing..?  I can't see myself ever painting a finished digital piece any time soon, but there are an amazing amount of fairly simple techniques that make it grotesquely tempting.  Don't think I ever really realized how easy it is, and now I kind of wish I could go back thinking that way..  =)  Stay Tuned !!