Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spider Ducks !!

Quick couple of sketches in between all the madness this week. This roll was taken from my friend, effects and costume designer Ian Strandburg's
suggestion of "Spider Ducks". Couldn't pass it up, so I rolled a Creature making sure Spider and Duck were in there as well, and went to it. Strangely enough I rolled another insect, so I played a bit more, and came up with an arthropod, Patrick Woodruffe looking rarity, and a bi-pedal to see if I could actually make a duck look anything but goofy. =)  Within the next couple rolls, I'll start to pose some of these Creatures with the Action roll.
When we equate and associate words in terms of Action, Movement, it can often make all the difference in your creation.  That original pose and gesture influences the remaining sketch with movement first.  Things like Pathways of Pattern, Habitat, and Systems of Growth and Decay will often form my creations afterward.  I was asked if this Spider-Duck chap "dips" like a duck, and just that Action word alone made me want to sketch another one.!  It immediately  implies liquid environment, and the myriad things that come along with it.!  Next time I'll try starting with the Action roll first.. =)

Well, a copy or two of Fantasy Genesis should have found it's way into a major book store chain near you, so check it on out, and enjoy these two odd ducks.. =) Stay tuned !!