Friday, March 12, 2010

I bow to your inner Rusty Penguihorse Engine !!

Never imagined in my wildest dreams that the first contribution would be this outrageously brilliant, or a color painting, but by God it's all that and a bag of smoke spittin' pipes !! This is by far the coolest test run of Fantasy Genesis since playing with fellow artists back in school.. Fellow SF&F freelancer friend, and wickedly skilled, Portland based, digital illustrator, Craig J Spearing has painted this gorgeous piece based on a Creature roll from the book!! As Craig says, "I decided to use the first four elements I rolled, no matter how odd a combination they were. I got: penguin, horse, engine, and rust."

I've found some of the best combos spring from Anima/Anima, and Craig's technique and skills have done just that. Wow, to see another artists results with Fantasy Genesis is really a site to behold !! A testament to the imaginative spirit, and to your skills, Craig !! Gracious thanks for the first contribution, I bow to your Rusty PenguiHorse Engine, and welcome any artists, in whatever skill level to join the madness as well.. Stay tuned !!