Friday, February 19, 2010

Roll No.2 - Cosmic Bubble Dragon

I'll be honest, I'm quite unreasonably geeked about this one!! Yes, it's the first Creature Roll to be posted so far, but it also shows the wonderful way artists influence and challenge each other.. Much of the goal of any artist is to show the world something new, something they've never seen before in quite the same way.. The beauty of this game is in the infinite diversity of ones associations with just 1-4 words.. A veritable Magic 8 Ball for the conceptual designer, whether you're creating the final elements of plot to your story, or the few odd elements that take your creature straight on into the rare, obscure, or that which has never been seen..

Something is always learned through these experiments, and this time it was that the combo of Suds/Bubbles & Bananas somehow formed a rather space alien looking dragon.. I picked Bull out imediatly, as I think I wanted to draw a new dragon, after seeing a great digital piece by James Paick, and I had no idea how Bubbles and Bananas were to fit in, but I knew they'd be cool.. =) Now, I've drawn quite a few dragons over the years, but I've never drawn one like this until last week.. After shaping the basics of the eyes, head and open maw, I went on to sketch in horn forms based on my words from Fantasy Genesis. It started as a sort of portrait, keeping the sets of eyes tight and small, but after sketching in more spiked and horn forms along the creatures spine, and bubble surface skin across the backs of his legs, he then expanded exponentially to an alien dragon creature spreading across my whole sketchbook.. Och.. Further proof of how just a couple words can change the flow of creativity.. Had I picked other forms to sketch from, he'd of come out different, but Roll No.2 supplied me the way for this dragon to be created.. What kind of Creature would you create with Roll No.2? How would you make them different? Stay Tuned !!