Friday, February 12, 2010

Roll No.1 and 1st on the Fridge

Here we go fellow Friends and Fantasy Geneticists, the first online blog Role of the Humanoid game!! My concept was that of a Ring Droid looking Humanoid, twisting around to maneuver some multi-task, but there are an infinite variety of concepts to be had from these word associations.. The dynamic of individual voice and creativity is boundless, and I hope to see what you can add to the concept I created.. Feel free to pick your own Forms and Surfaces, even fill in the Emotion role that I left blank.. No matter what the skill level, let your wonderful imagination play!! Scan it, Send it, and I'll post the results I receive along with any others using this role next month..

Gracing the SuperCool Fridge this month is my SuperCool Niece, Paige Walker !! A beautiful Faerie with Squirrel, and a Husky Dog portrait.!! I love the gesture of the eyes and ears on the smaller dog!! Great job, Paige !! You're so cool, you need mittens when you draw.. =)

Stay Tuned. . . .